Adult Volleyball Official

DATE:  June 7, 2013

JOB TITLE: Adult Volleyball Official

DEPARTMENT: Park and Recreation

DIVISION: Recreation

IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR: Assistant Recreation Director

DIRECTION OF OTHERS: Program participants

NATURE OF WORK: Officiates program participants 


MINIMUM EDUCATION, TRAINING, AND EXPERIENCE REQUIRED: Adults with a knowledge of volleyball. Must have supervisory capabilities to be able to work with and direct/officiate participants.  Must be knowledgeable and able to portray the philosophies of the Park and Recreation Department.

Duties / Responsibilities


1.      Officiate adult volleyball games assigned to them.
2.      Provide score sheets to Park and Recreation Department after the completion of matches. 
3.      Effectively communicate with a variety of audiences. 
4.      Orderly carry out match in a professional and enjoyable matter.
5.      Assist Assistant Recreation Director in enforcement of program rules and facility rules. 
6.      Is responsible for use of school districts and Park and Recreation equipment used in the program.
7.      Make sure program sites are safe and in proper condition. Will
report to Assistant Recreation Direction if deemed unsafe.
8.      Will report any damages or breakage of equipment to Assistant Recreation Director.
9.      Will report any incidents or problems to the Assistant Recreation Director immediately the next day. If serious, contact Assistant Recreation Director immediately. As a result, help with these or other situations that may arise. 
10. Other duties as assigned.