Assistant Street Superintendent

DATE:  12-20-02 

JOB TITLE:            Assistant Street Superintendent

DEPARTMENT:     Public Works

DIVISION:              Streets 

IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR:  Street Superintendent 

DIRECTION OF OTHERS:  Heavy Equipment Operators 

EDUCATION, TRAINING & EXPERIENCE REQUIRED:  High School Graduate. Shall have at least 5 years experience, in street maintenance, ability to operate all types of heavy equipment, and a working knowledge and experience in mechanical repair. 

NATURE OF WORK:  Supervises the work of several employees, and participates in the performance of various street repair and maintenance activities.  Operates heavy equipment when required.



      I.   Coordinates on the job tasks with equipment operators

          A.   Assigns work tasks to equipment operators.

          B.  Insures that materials are on the work site for daily use. 

     II.  Responsible for safe and efficient operation of various heavy and light equipment used in maintaining municipal streets.

         A.  Operates equipment such as front end loaders, road graders, back hoe, boom truck, roller, snowplows, chip spreaders, street sweeper, vac-all, snow blower, water truck and other equipment.

         B.  Hauls gravel, snow and bituminous products.

         C.  Patches holes in streets and repairs service cuts.

         D.  Applies seal coat asphalt and rock.

         E.  Plows and removes snow from streets, alleys and parking lots.

         F.  Grades and sands streets.

        G.  Cleans catch basins and storm sewers and flushes streets.

        H.  Follows applicable safety practices and insures said practices are followed.

   III.  Performs field maintenance on heavy equipment so as to assure completion of projects.

         A.  Makes necessary adjustments on equipment.

         B.  Makes repairs and replaces broken or worn parts.

         C.  Adds grease and oil to equipment as necessary.

    IV.  Performs maintenance and repair in shop to insure readiness of equipment.

         A.  Assists street division mechanic when assigned.

    V.  Performs all other job-related activities as directed.

         A.  Provides budgetary recommendations to immediate supervisor.

         B.  Informs supervisor of all operations on a regular basis.

         C.  Able to perform and direct any function within the street division.

         D.  Shall direct the daily activity of the street division when the Street Superintendent is absent or has delegated the authority.


    l.  Develops public understanding of work and activities of the division.

        A.  Answers citizen questions and request for materials and information regarding streets as directed.

        B.  Follows up on citizen complaints in areas pertaining to the division.

        C.  Maintains good relations with the general public in the course of performing duties.

        D.  Notifies emergency/protective services and the media of street closings.


    I.  Must posses a valid Minnesota driver’s license.


    I.  Employee must be capable of operating miscellaneous tools and equipment relative to this position which shall include but may not be limited to:  Motor vehicles, communication equipment, computers, copy machines, fax machines, measuring devices, and calculators.


    I.  Hours may vary, but generally 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.  This is a non-exempt position and accrues overtime.

   ll.  Machine shop environment and construction job site activities, which may include walking, climbing, and bending, in a normal construction environment.  This may include exposure to the natural elements, dust, insects, and conditions that could be hazardous or dangerous relative to construction sites.

 III.  As approved by the Director of Public Works and availability of funds, continuing education and training will be provided to ensure a competent level of ability to perform of this position and to allow maintenance of required licenses and certifications.