City Code: 1005:20

Section 1005:00

Section 1005 - Animals and Fowl at Large, Impounding

Section 1005:00. Pound Authorized. There is hereby authorized for this municipality a Public Pound, which said Public Pound may be located within or outside the corporate limits and shall be placed under the care and direction of an Animal Control Officer, which Animal Control Officer shall be appointed by the Council and under the direction of the Chief of Police.

Section 1005:05. Animals and Fowl at Large. No domestic fowl nor any horse, colt, mule or any animal of the horse kind, nor any cow, bull, ox, calf, meat cattle or any animal of the ox or bovine kind, nor any sheep or swine shall be permitted to run, go or be at large in this municipality.

Section 1005:10. Impounding and Fees Authorized. If any such fowl, horse, colt, mule, cow, bull, ox, calf, meat cattle, sheep, swine, or any animal of any kind named or referred to above, shall be found at large in this municipality contrary to any provisions hereof, each and every such animal may be impounded in the Public Pound and shall not be released therefrom until the owner or some person in his behalf shall pay to the Animal Control Officer reasonable fees for the impounding and care of such animal, which said fees are to be duly determined and fixed by the Council from time to time.

Section 1005:15. Animal Control Officer, Duties. It shall be the duty of the Animal Control Officer and police officers and lawful for any person to take up any animal found at large contrary to or in violation of any provision of this ordinance, and take such animal to the Public Pound and the Animal Control Officer shall receive into the Public Pound all animals brought there in pursuance of any provision of this ordinance, and take proper care of, and provide proper food and drink for, all animals so impounded, and shall deliver to the owner, or owner's agent any animal which has been so impounded, upon receipt of fees and costs for such impounding, keeping, feeding, caring for and discharging such animal as are provided therein.

Section 1005:20. Disposition of Impounded Animals. After any animal has been impounded under any provision of this ordinance for a period of forty-eight (48) hours, without being redeemed as provided herein, it shall be lawful for such Animal Control Officer to sell such animal at public auction, to the highest bidder for cash. The Animal Control Officer shall, before any such sale is made, give not less than three (3) days' notice of the time and place of such sale. Such notice shall contain the number, kind and a general and full description of any animal or animals to be so sold, which said notice, written or printed, shall be posted in three (3) public places within the corporate limits of this municipality. For the making and posting of said notices, the said Animal Control Officer is authorized and empowered to charge and collect the amount set by the Council before such animal shall be released. If the owner or his agent shall at any time prior to sale, and after any animal shall have been noticed for sale, as herein authorized, shall pay all fees and costs for impounding, caring for and noticing such animal for sale, then such animal shall not be sold but shall be released by the Animal Control Officer to such owner or agent. Section 1005:25

Section 1005:25. Sale. Whenever any animal or fowl shall be sold as herein provided, the Animal Control Officer shall pay the proceeds into the treasury of the City.

Section 1005:30. Redemption of Animal from Purchaser. When any animal is sold under the provisions of this ordinance, it shall be a condition of such sale that the purchaser shall keep and retain possession of such animal for a period of sixty (60) days, and that the owner of any such animal may redeem the same at any time before the expiration of said sixty (60) days by paying reasonable costs and charges for keeping such animal, together with the sum paid by such purchaser for such animal, and interest thereon at the rate of seven percent (7%) per annum.

Section 1005:35. Breaking or Interfering with Impoundment. No person shall break open or in any manner directly or indirectly advise, direct or aid in breaking open the Public Pound. No person shall hinder, delay, interfere with, or obstruct in any manner any person engaged in driving any animal to the Public Pound as provided for in this ordinance.

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