City Code: 1055:0

Section 1055 - Smoke and Other Emissions

Section 1055:00. Prohibited Emissions. The emission of dense smoke or any smoke containing soot, ashes, cinders, dust or other solid substance, or pungent, noxious or disagreeable odors, in a sufficient quantity to permit the deposit of soot or other such substance therein, within the corporate limits of this municipality, or which smoke is dense enough to form a cloud which cannot be seen through, from any smokestack, chimney or discharge pipe from any furnace, stove, locomotive, stationary engine, or other burning device within the said limits and territory, shall be deemed and is hereby declared a public nuisance and is hereby prohibited.

Section 1055:10. Violation. No person owning, operating or in charge or control of any furnace, stove, locomotive, stationary engine or other burning device shall cause or permit the emission of smoke therefrom, as described in Section 1055:00 hereof. Any person violating this ordinance shall be deemed and held guilty of creating a nuisance and committing a petty offense.

Section 1055:15. Penalty. Every violation of this ordinance shall be a petty offense. Every separate day during which or any part of which such nuisance is continued shall be a separate offense.

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