City Code: 250:5

Section 250:00. Closing Hours. All City parks in the City of Owatonna, except Cashman Park, shall be closed from 11:00 o'clock p.m. until 6:00 o'clock a.m. on the following day, exempting the use of hard-surfaced lighted trails, public water and abutting shoreline from which fishing is occurring, and cross-country skiing on designated trails, which may be used 24 hours a day. Eff. 12/21/99

Section 250:05. Liquor in Parks and Beaches. No person or persons shall display, consume or possess any intoxicating liquor, non-intoxicating malt beverage or intoxicating malt beverage within parking areas, roadways, sidewalks abutting or the grounds in general of Central Park, Cashman Park or Kaplan's Woods Parkway in the City of Owatonna.

Section 250:10. Permit Required for Large Container of Alcoholic Beverages. Except in parks listed in Section 250:05, alcoholic beverages may be carried into any park for consumption, providing that for such purpose no container of greater than two (2) quart capacity shall be allowed without permit from the office of the Director of Parks, Recreation and Streets.

Section 250:15. Application for Permit for Large Container of Alcoholic Beverages in Park.

Subd. 1. Application for permit to have large container of alcoholic beverages in a park shall be made on the forms provided therefor, at least five (5) days before the event, to the office of the Director of Parks, Recreation and Streets.

Subd. 2. An application fee of four dollars and fifty cents ($4.50) and a surety deposit of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) shall accompany the application.

Subd. 3. If, in the opinion of the Director of Parks, Recreation and Streets, no extraordinary or unusual maintenance burdens result from the permitted activity, the surety deposit shall be refunded to permittee. The amount of the costs of any extraordinary maintenance shall be deducted from the surety deposit and retained by the City as reimbursement of those costs.

Subd. 4. A statement of any charges and costs shall be given to permittee with, or in lieu of, refund.

Subd. 5. Director of Parks, Recreation and Streets may deny subsequent permits to any applicant causing extraordinary or unusual maintenance costs.

Section 250:20. Notice to Police Department. At the time of issuance of permit for larger container of alcoholic beverages, a notice of time and place for which permit is issued shall be delivered to the office of the Chief of Police of the City of Owatonna for information and guidance.

Section 250:25. Glass Beverage Containers Prohibited.

Subd. 1. Definitions.

a. Glass beverage container: Glass beverage container means and includes all glass receptacles including bottles, jars and glass tumblers containing potable liquids, including intoxicating liquors, non-intoxicating malt liquors, soft drink beverages, fruit juices, dairy product drinks and excludes receptacles containing milk or baby formula used and possessed for the nursing of infants and receptacles containing prescription medications used and possessed by a person for whom such prescription is prescribed or possessed by a person caring for such person for whom the prescription medicine is prescribed.

b. Person: "Person" includes every individual, copartnership, corporation or association of one (1) or more individuals.

c. City Parks include: Minot Brown, Cashman, Central, Crocus, Dartt's, Fremont, Gainey, Hammann, Jaycee, Kaplan's Woods Parkway, Kelly, Manthey, Maple Creek Greenbelt, Mineral Springs, Morehouse, West Hills, Willow and Steele County Fairgrounds-Ball Diamonds and Park.

Subd. 2. Prohibited Acts. It shall be unlawful for a person to possess, bring, carry, scatter, dump, deposit, leave or have under his actual physical control a glass beverage container in or within a City park.

Section 250:30. Fire in City Parks.

Subd. 1. Fires. No fire shall be set in any park except a fire for picnic purposes at grill sites designated by the Park and Recreation Department.

Subd. 2. Posting of Notices. The Director of Parks, Recreation and Streets is authorized to post notice prohibiting the use of grill sites or tobacco smoking when the Director determines that their use and existing conditions constitute a fire hazard.

Section 250:35. Removal of Natural or Vegetative Material. No person shall remove from any park any plant or other natural object which exists in nature.

Section 250:40. Exemptions. Authorized City personnel, when acting in the performance of their assigned duties, shall be exempt from the provisions of this ordinance. Temporary exemptions from this ordinance may be obtained through a permit issued by the City Council for special events.

Section 250:45. Penalty. Any person who violates the provisions of Section 250 is guilty of a petty offense as provided in Section 1100:00, Subd. 2, of this Code and subject to the penalty for violation as therein prescribed.

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