City Code: 275:0

Section 275 - Sewer Department - Assessment

Section 275:00. Procedure When No Assessment Made. Where no sewer assessment has been made against property fronting on any sewer in this municipality or benefited by such sewer, no permit shall be granted to connect onto any such sewer unless the person, firm or corporation seeking such permit shall pay to the City for such permit or connection an amount equal to the benefits to said property by reason of each connection, as determined by the Council, said amount to be paid in a lump sum based on current assessment rates. Provided, however, that no such assessment shall exceed the cost of ordinary street mains in front of such property so to be assessed.

Section 275:10. Possible Prior Assessment. It is also further provided that if and when sanitary sewer is constructed or built along property heretofore assessed, in accordance with the provisions of Section 275:00, that the Council, in its discretion, may allow the cost of such assessment heretofore made in accordance with Section 275:00 to be applied toward the cost of any such sanitary sewer hereafter constructed.

Section 275:15. Penalty. Any person, firm or corporation offending against the provisions of this ordinance shall be guilty of a penal offense.

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