City Code: 278:0

Section 278 - Sewer Department - Private Wells, Septic Tanks, Cesspools and Privies; Connection to Public Sewer and Water

Section 278:00. Certain Private Wells Prohibited. No person shall erect, keep, maintain or use in the City of Owatonna, Minnesota, any private well or other private source of water supply other than that source of supply furnished by said City, which private water supply shall be found by the State Board of Health to fail to meet the requirements of the Minnesota State Board of Health or otherwise be so impure as to be unfit for human consumption and so endanger health, where the property upon which such private water supply is located abuts a street on which there is available mains for City water supply.

Section 278:05. Privies and Outhouses. No person shall erect, keep or maintain in the City of Owatonna, Minnesota, any privy, outhouse, earth closet, cesspool or septic tank, except those constructed in accordance with the specifications of the Minnesota State Board of Health, which may be constructed, erected, kept or maintained upon property which does not abut upon a street upon which there is a sanitary sewer line available to such property, provided, however, the City Engineer of the City may, upon application thereof, issue a special permit of a temporary duration permitting a privy or outhouse constructed and equipped in accordance with specifications of the Minnesota State Board of Health, to be used in connection with construction projects in the City and park and recreational activities of the City.

Section 278:10. Sewer and Water Connection Required. The owner of every residence or business building abutting upon any street or alley in which City water and sanitary sewer mains are maintained, shall install a toilet in the building and connect all sanitary facilities to the water and sewer mains upon notice hereinafter provided.

Section 278:15. Notice to Owner. Whenever it shall appear to the Council that the provisions of Sections 278:00, 278:05 or 278:10 are not complied with and the Council shall so direct by motion, the City Engineer shall give written notice to the owner of said premises or his authorized agent personally or by mail at his last known address to comply with this ordinance within thirty (30) days of such notice. If the owner cannot be reached by mail so addressed, service of such notice may be made upon an occupant of said premises.

Section 278:20. Toilet Installation; Privy Removal; Assessment. Whenever the notice provided for in Section 278:15 is not complied with, the Council may, in its discretion, by resolution, direct the installation of a toilet and connection with the water and sanitary sewer system, or direct the tearing down and removal of such privy, outhouse, earth closet, cesspool, or septic tank, or shall direct the closing up of such private well or water supply. The cost of such installation or work shall be paid initially from the general fund and then be charged by the Council against the property benefited. If such charge is not paid to the Clerk-Treasurer within thirty (30) days after a statement has been sent, the Clerk-Treasurer shall prepare an assessment roll and shall submit such assessment roll in the manner provided in M.S.A. 429.101.

Section 278:25

Section 278:25. Outside Toilets, Cesspools, Septic Tanks, Nuisance. When a toilet connected with the City water and sanitary sewer system has been installed in any residence or business building on any parcel of land, any outside privy, outhouse, earth closet, cesspool or septic tank not conforming with requirements of this ordinance on said premises is declared a nuisance and shall be removed by the owner within thirty (30) days after the connection to the water and sewer system has been made.

Section 278.30. Violation of Section. Any person who shall interfere with the execution of this ordinance or who shall maintain a nuisance contrary to Section 278:25 shall be guilty of a penal offense and upon conviction, shall be punished by a fine of not more than $500.00 or by imprisonment for not more than ninety (90) days, plus the cost of prosecution in either case. A conviction shall not bar a later conviction for subsequent violation of this section.

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