City Code: 320:0

Section 320 - Trailers

Section 320:00. Definitions.

Subd. 1. Unless the context clearly indicates otherwise, the words, combinations of words, terms and phrases, as used in Section 320:00 et seq. shall have the meanings set forth in the subdivisions of this section which follow.

Subd. 2. A "trailer" means an automobile trailer, trailer coach or any vehicle or structure so designed and constructed in such manner as will permit occupancy thereof as living quarters for one (1) or more persons, and so designed that it is or may be mounted on wheels and used as a conveyance on highways or streets, propelled or drawn by its own or other motive power.

Subd 3. The word "person" shall be construed to include persons, partnership, firm, company, corporation, tenant, owner, lessee or licensee, their agents, heirs or assigns.

Subd. 4. The words "trailer coach park" shall be construed to mean any site, lot, field or tract of land upon which two (2) or more occupied trailer coaches are harbored, either free of charge or for revenue purposes, and shall include any building, structure, tent, vehicle or enclosure used or intended for use as part of the equipment of such trailer coach park.

Subd. 5. The words "approved sewer system" shall include the City of Owatonna sewer system or septic tank, with tile absorption system constructed in accordance with the specifications of the Steele County Sanitary Ordinance.

Subd. 6. The words "approved water system" shall include the public water system of the City of Owatonna, or a private well and water therefrom, which is in all respects approved by the Minnesota State Board of Health.

Section 320:05. Enforcement. It is hereby made the duty of the City Engineer of the City of Owatonna to enforce all provisions of this ordinance as prescribed herein or such provisions as may hereafter be enacted, and for the purpose of securing such enforcement, the City Engineer or his authorized representative shall have the right and is hereby empowered to enter upon any premises on which automobile trailers are located, and inspect the same and all accommodations connected therewith at any reasonable time. After securing the approval of the City Council, the City Engineer is further empowered to issue orders granting, renewing and revoking such permits as are provided for in accordance with the provisions of this ordinance. Provided, however, that nothing herein contained shall be construed to apply to trailer coach parks which are regulated and governed by the State Board of Health pursuant to Chapter 428, Laws of Minnesota 1951 (M.S. 327.14 et seq.)

Section 320:10. Location Outside Camps.

Subd. 1. It shall be unlawful, within the limits of the City of Owatonna, for any person to park any trailer on any street, alley, highway or other public place, or on any tract of land owned by any person, occupied or unoccupied, within the City of Owatonna, except as provided in this ordinance.

Section 320:10, Subd. 2

Subd. 2. Emergency or temporary stopping or parking is permitted on any alley, street or highway for not longer than 24 hours, subject to any other and further prohibitions, regulations or ordinances for that street, alley or highway.

Subd. 3. No person shall park or occupy any trailer on the premises of any occupied dwelling or on any lot which is not a part of the premises of any occupied dwelling either of which is situated outside an approved trailer coach park; except the parking of only one (1) unoccupied trailer in an accessory private garage building, or in a rear or side yard of any district, is permitted, providing no living quarters shall be maintained or any business practiced in said trailer while such trailer is so parked or stored.

Subd. 4. Any person dealing in the buying and selling of trailers may park or store one (1) or more unoccupied trailers on lands which are zoned in the City of Owatonna so as to permit automobile sales service.

Subd. 5. The Steele County Agricultural Society (Fair Board), while in the pursuit of conducting a county fair in and for the County of Steele, may permit one (1) or more trailers, occupied or unoccupied, on its grounds in the corporate limits of the City of Owatonna, during any such county fair, and incident thereto for a total period of time of not to exceed ten (10) days, upon such terms and conditions as it may by law prescribe.

Section 320:15. Permanent Occupancy Prohibited. Automobile trailers shall not be used as a permanent place of abode or as a permanent dwelling or for indefinite periods of time. Provided, that any trailer properly connected with an approved water system and with an approved sewer system, and constructed and located in compliance with all requirements of the plumbing, sanitary, health, zoning and electrical ordinances and regulations effective in the City of Owatonna, and not inhabited by a greater number of occupants than that for which it was designed may be permitted for a temporary period of time as herein provided under permits properly secured hereunder, and upon compliance with plumbing, electrical, sanitary, health and zoning ordinances and regulations effective in said City.

Section 320:20. Permits. Every person seeking a permit, or renewal thereof, hereunder shall make an application therefor in writing at the office of the City Engineer upon a form provided. It shall state the name and address of the applicant, and a description of the property upon which such permit is desired. Each such application shall be filed with the City Engineer not less than ten (10) days before said trailer is ready for occupancy, and shall be accompanied by an inspection fee in the amount duly established by the Council from time to time.

Section 320:25. Investigation Required Before Issuing Permit. Upon filing of such application accompanied by the inspection fee, it shall be the duty of the City Engineer, or his duly authorized representative, to investigate the premises and determine whether said trailer and land upon which it is proposed to be used, conform with the requirements of this ordinance and of the rules and regulations of the City Engineer and laws of the State of Minnesota, and no permit or renewal thereof shall be issued unless it meets such requirements and no permit or renewal thereof shall be issued for a period of in excess of any (1) year.

Section 320:30

Section 320:30. Revocation and Inspection. The City Engineer of Owatonna is hereby authorized to revoke any license or permit issued pursuant to the terms of this ordinance, if, after due investigation, he determines that the holder thereof has violated any of the provisions of this ordinance, or that any trailer is being maintained in an unsanitary or unsafe manner or is a nuisance.

Section 320:35. Appeal of Denial, Renewal or Revocation of Permit. Any person aggrieved by an order of the City Engineer granting, denying, renewing or revoking a permit for the use of a trailer under this ordinance, may file a written appeal within ten (10) days after issuance of such order with the City Clerk. Upon receiving such written appeal, the City Clerk shall then cause the matter to be placed on the agenda of the City Council for review and disposition.

Section 320:37. Penalty. Whoever violates any provisions of this ordinance shall be guilty of a penal offense, and each day of violation shall be considered a separate offense.

Section 320:40. Separability and Conflict. Nothing herein contained shall be construed to apply to any trailer coach park in the limits of the City of Owatonna, which is regulated by the Minnesota State Board of Health pursuant to Chapter 428, Laws of Minnesota, 1951 (M.S. 327.14 et seq.).

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