City Code: 477:0

Section 477 - Gas Installers

Section 477:00. Definition. A gas installer is any person engaged in, or holding himself out as engaged in the work or business of making any connections whatsoever for gas stoves, heaters, furnaces or other gas appliances of any kind in homes, or other buildings or premises in this municipality, or of making any repairs, additions or alterations of any gas appliances or pipes or other fixtures connected with or designed to be connected with the gas system of this municipality.

Section 477:05. License Required. No person shall carry on the business of gas piping within the corporate limits of this municipality without first having obtained a license to do so in the manner prescribed herein; and no permit for doing any such work of a gas installer, as above defined, shall be issued except to a person who has obtained such a license.

Section 477:10. Application. Any person desiring to secure a license or doing the work of a gas installer shall make application in writing therefor to the City. Prior to approval, a written examination must be taken and passed. Written examinations shall be given the first full week of each month. Applicant will be notified in writing when written examinations will be given. The Building Official shall examine such application and, upon being satisfied that the applicant is a person trained and skilled in the business and qualified to receive a license, direct that such license be issued to such applicant by the City Clerk upon compliance with the requirements of the following sections.

Section 477:15. Gas Installer Insurance.

Subd. 1. Before a license shall be granted to any person as a gas installer, he shall comply with the insurance requirements set forth in the subdivisions which follow.

Subd. 2. File with the City Clerk a certificate of insurance showing a liability contract of insurance issued to such applicant upon a standard form policy in common use, issued by an insurance company authorized to do business in the State of Minnesota, said policy to secure payment, in accordance with the provisions thereof, to "any person and for any damage to property for at least the following amounts: As respects injuries to persons, to the extent of $300,000 for the injury or death of any one (1) person and subject to the limit of $300,000 for each accident; and, as respects damage to property, to the extent of $100,000 for each accident, and such certificate of insurance shall also state that the City of Owatonna, Minnesota, is named therein as an additional party insured."

Section 477:20. Expiration of License. All licenses issued pursuant to this ordinance shall expire on the last day of February each year.

Section 477:25. Licenses to Firms or Corporation. Whenever two (2) or more persons are to be engaged in the business of gas installers as a firm, co-partnership or corporation, the license shall be issued to such person as designated by said firm, co-partnership or corporation. Additional persons may be gas installers for firm if they are listed on application and have passed the written gas installers examination.

Section 477:30

Section 477:30. Use of Licensee's Name By Another. No person who has obtained any such license shall allow his name to be used by any other person, either for the purpose of obtaining permits, or doing any work under the license; and every person licensed shall have recorded in the office of the City Clerk, his place of business, and the name under which the business is transacted, and shall immediately notify the City Clerk of any change.

Section 477:35. Gas Installer Permits Required and Inspections. Inspection of work beyond the City gas meter connected to the gas system of this municipality shall be made by the City Engineer. It shall be unlawful for any person to construct, install or alter any gas stove, heater or other gas appliances or fixtures within the corporate limits of this municipality without first obtaining a permit from the office of the City Engineer to do such work. Minor repair and maintenance shall not require a permit. Applications for permits to do work connected to the gas system shall be made at the office of the City Engineer.

Section 477:40. Violation. It shall be the duty of the City Engineer to enforce the provisions of this ordinance. All gas work shall be installed, tested and inspected in accordance with the State Mechanical Code. No person shall cover any such work without its being duly inspected and approved by the City Engineer. Penalties shall be as described in Minnesota Statutes, Sections 609.033 and 609.034.

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