City Code: 605:35

Section 605 - Curbing, Cutting and Driveway Permits

Section 605:00. Curb Construction Requirements. Permanent curbing of cement, concrete or sawed stone shall be constructed and installed wherever old curbing is condemned or replaced, and where new curbing is ordered by the Council upon all streets in this municipality.

Section 605:05. Specifications and Inspection. All such curbing shall be constructed and installed under the direction and subject to the inspection and approval, and according to the specifications furnished by the Engineer, or on file in the office of the Engineer.

Section 605:10. Permit, Application For. No person shall install or replace any such curbing on the public streets or on any public property owned by the City, without a permit therefor granted by the Engineer. Application for each such permit shall be accompanied by the fee in the amount duly established by the Council from time to time, and a certificate of public liability insurance, in the amount of at least $100,000 combined single limit, naming the City as an additional insured.

Section 605:15. Manner of Proceeding. Work on the construction and installation of any such curbing shall be commenced within fifteen (15) days after being ordered by the Council, and from thence diligently prosecuted to completion; and on failure of the property owner so to do, same may be constructed and installed, or replaced by or under contract with said City, and the total cost and expense thereof shall be assessed against the abutting real estate property as a special assessment in the manner provided in the Charter of said City and the laws of this State for levying special assessments for street improvement.

Section 605:20. Cutting Curb, Permit. No person shall cut a curb along any side of any property in this municipality without first paying the required fee as duly set by the Council from time to time and obtaining a permit therefor as hereinafter provided.

Section 605:25. Application in Residential, Commercial and Industrial Areas. Any person so desiring to construct a curb cut shall make application therefor to the Engineer on forms provided therefor by said City. Upon the filing of such an application with the Engineer, he may grant permission to have such curb cut.

Section 605:30. Deleted - Ordinance No. 952.

Section 605:35. Driveway. Whenever such permission is granted, either by the Engineer or the Council, for the cutting of curbs, as herein provided, a concrete driveway, conforming to the specifications of this municipality, shall be constructed between the street curb and the lot line. The expense of such curb cutting and driveway construction shall be paid for by the person applying therefor.

Section 605:40. Order for Driveway Construction. It is hereby further ordained by the Council that the Council may, by resolution, order the construction of, and construct, a concrete driveway between the street curb and the lot line, on any street where the driveway and curb have been opened or left open, or hereafter may be opened or left open, for the benefit of the property owner, the cost of which said construction shall be paid by the owner of property abutting such improvement, and such cost may be assessed against said abutting property only after a public hearing as provided for in Section 605:30 of this Code.

Section 605:45

Section 605:45. Replacement of Curb by the City. Whenever any such driveway in this municipality which has been left open, or has not been used as a driveway for a period of one (1) year, or more, the Council may, by resolution, order the removal of such driveway and may construct a curb across such driveway, but only after a hearing before the Council on ten (10) days published notice of such hearing, a copy of which said notice shall be mailed to the owner or occupant of the property affected by such driveway, at which hearing the said owner or occupant or any person interested therein, may be heard as to any objections said owner or occupant or any person interested therein, may have thereto. The cost of any such work contemplated under this section shall be borne by said municipality.

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