City Code: 620:15

Section 620 - Use of Sidewalks, Obstructions, Phone Booths, Merchandise, Deliveries, Permits

Section 620:00. Use of Sidewalks. Unless acting under a written permit of the City as hereinafter provided, it shall be unlawful for any person to store, pile, deposit, erect, keep or place, or cause, permit or suffer to be stored, piled, deposited, erected, kept or placed upon any sidewalk, street, avenue, alley or other public thoroughfare in this municipality, any rubbish, wood, coal, boxes, barrels, stone, brick, lumber, dirt, merchandise, shipping case, stand, stall, booth or show case or other obstruction of any kind, except as herein or otherwise provided by law or ordinance; provided, however, that nothing herein contained shall be construed to prohibit the placement and use of a public telephone booth or booths upon sidewalks of the City at such location or locations and upon such terms and conditions as the Council may determine to be in the interests of the public.

Section 620:05. Use of Sidewalks for Display of Merchandise. When authorized by written permit with the City it shall be lawful for the persons authorized thereby during the time his store or building is open for business, to place or set out for exhibition any goods, wares or merchandise directly connected with the business transacted by him, on the sidewalk in front of a place of business, store or building owned, controlled or occupied by him.

Section 620:10. Application. No permit shall be issued hereunder, unless approved by the Council, nor shall any permit be granted unless application therefor is made in writing, subject to the following terms and conditions:

(1) Setting forth the sidewalks and portions thereof proposed to be used and the location thereof, not to exceed four feet (4') measured from the building.

(2) The period of time for which permit is requested, not to exceed eight (8) weeks which may be used in two (2) week increments upon at least one (1) week notice to the City Clerk and Chief of Police for each increment.

(3) The purpose thereof.

(4) Agreeing that the applicant will provide the City, at no expense to the City, with a certificate of liability insurance in the amount of at least $300,000 combined single limit, protecting the City from liability for damages to property or injuries to persons that may arise out of the use of the sidewalk for which the permit is desired.

(5) Such other special conditions as may be applicable.

(6) All foodstuffs when displayed as above shall be at least two feet (2') above the level of the sidewalk and properly protected from flies, dust and dirt.

Section 620:15. Fee. Such application shall be accompanied by the required license fee as duly set by the Council from time to time.

Section 620:20

Section 620:20. Receiving or Delivering Goods. It shall be lawful for any person to place or keep any goods, wares, merchandise, baggage or any articles of personal property which he may be receiving or delivering, and to unpack and remove the contents of any box, barrel or other receptacle, only on that part of any sidewalk next to the curb line not exceeding four feet (4') in width and in front only of the store or building he owns, controls or occupies, but such goods, wares or merchandise shall not remain on such part of the sidewalk for a longer period than two (2) hours or at night, on Sunday or any legal holiday.

Section 620:25. Suspending Merchandise in Streets. It shall be unlawful for any person to hang out or suspend over any street any goods, wares or merchandise in front of his store, house or other building except as authorized by a written permit.

Section 620:30. Construction of Ordinance.

Subd. 1. Nothing contained in this ordinance shall be construed to prevent the moving of goods, wares and merchandise across any sidewalk in the way of trade or for the use of families.

Subd. 2. Nothing herein contained shall be construed as giving authority to any owner or occupant of any premises to let, sub-let, rent, lease or grant any of the sidewalk space for business stands of any kind or for any purpose whatsoever; and any person so found doing business may be summarily removed by the police and be deemed a violator of this ordinance.

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