City Code: 640:0

Section 640 - Sidewalk Construction

Section 640:00. Sidewalk Requirements. Permanent sidewalks of concrete shall be constructed wherever old walks are condemned, replaced or where new walks are ordered by the Council upon all streets.

Section 640:05. Specifications and Inspection. All permanent sidewalks shall be built subject to the inspection of the Engineer and it shall be the duty of the Engineer to see that the specifications relating to permanent sidewalks shall be strictly complied with.

Section 640:10. Permit, Application For. No person shall lay any sidewalk on the public streets, or on any public property owned by the City, without a permit therefor granted by the Engineer. Application for each such permit shall be accompanied by the fee in the amount duly established by the Council from time to time, and a certificate of public liability insurance, in the amount of at least $100,000 combined single limit, naming the City as an additional insured.

Section 640:15. City Construction. Work on all permanent walks must be commenced within fifteen (15) days after being ordered by the Council. The property owners failing to do this, the total cost of such sidewalk, when constructed or replaced under contract by the City, may be assessed against the abutting property as a special assessment, which assessment shall be made in accordance with the laws of the State or the Charter of the City for levying special assessments for street improvement.

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