City Code: 960:5

Section 960 - School Area Conduct Regulations

Section 960:00. Defacement of School Property. No person shall mark with ink, paint, chalk or other substance, or post handbills on, or in any other manner deface or injure any school building or structure used or usable for school purposes within the corporate limits of this municipality, or mark, deface or injure fences, trees, laws or fixtures appurtenant to or located on the site of such buildings, or post handbills on such fences, trees or fixtures, or place a sign anywhere on any such site.

Section 960:05. Breach of Peace on School Property. No person, on any school grounds or abutting streets adjacent to any school building or structure, shall engage in, or prepare, attempt, offer or threaten to engage in, or assist or conspire with another to engage in or congregate because of, any riot, fight, brawl, tumultuous conduct, act of violence, or any other conduct which disturbs or tends to disturb the peace and quiet of another.

Section 960:10. Offensive Language and Conduct. No person shall use offensive, obscene or abusive language or engage in boisterous or noisy conduct tending reasonably to arouse anger, alarm or resentment in others on any school grounds or abutting streets or in buildings or structures of any such schools.

Section 960:15. Improper Conduct While School in Session. No person shall, in any school room or in any building or on the grounds adjacent to the same or abutting streets disturb or interrupt the peace and good order of such school while in session. Any person not in immediate attendance in such school and being in such building or upon the premises belonging thereto who shall conduct or behave himself or herself improperly, or who, upon the request of a teacher of such school or the person in charge thereof to leave said building or premises, shall neglect or refuse to do so, shall be in violation of this ordinance.

Section 960:20. Permission Required for Re-entry. No person, having been ordered by a school official to leave a school and having left said premises, shall re-enter said school without the written permission of the School Principal or the school official who gave the order to leave the school.

Section 960:25. Loitering or Lurking. No person shall loiter on any school grounds or abutting streets or in any school building or structure, nor lurk, lie in wait or be concealed with intent to do any mischief or to commit any crime or unlawful act thereon.

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