Engineering Technician 3


DATE:     01-18-08

JOB TITLE:    Engineering Technician III (Survey Crew Chief)
DEPARTMENT:  Public Works
DIVISION:    Engineering

IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR:   Assistant City Engineer

DIRECTION OF OTHERS:   Engineering Tech. I, Engineering Tech II, and Engineering Aide

EDUCATION, TRAINING, AND EXPERIENCE REQUIRED:   Degree from an accredited two-year engineering/surveying technical school or a four-year Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or related field with four years experience in municipal or consulting survey, street design, inspection, and related work.  Two years experience in geographical information systems, GIS, GPS, and CAD.

NATURE OF WORK:   Supervises and coordinates the activities of an engineering survey crew engaged in determining the exact locations and measurements of proposed streets, sewers, and utility lines.  Responsible for the efficiency of the survey crew, the accuracy of all survey data, the safety of crew members, and for the care of all equipment.  Prepares plans, specifications and related duties of surveying, inspection, measurements, computations, and record keeping.

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I. Performs preliminary fieldwork.
A. Determines exact location of area to be surveyed and type of survey to be performed.
B. Compiles survey field data.  Expertise in operation of electronic data collection, total station and levels.  Coordinates field data information between field and office.
C. Makes required mathematical computations to determine exact points, angles, elevations, and measurements of area involved.

II. Develops construction plan designs.
A. Plots profiles and cross sections.
B. Prepares designs, determines quantities and cost estimates.
C. Has proficiency in GIS, GPS, and CAD and operates office computers and plotters.

III. Lays out and stakes projects in the field.
A. Locates property lines.
B. Sets and/or adjusts grade and alignment for projects.
C. Reviews and/or supervises construction projects.
D. Maintains project records.

IV. Performs field inspections.
A. Checks grade and alignment.
B. Checks utility installations.
C. Works with contractors and contractor’s representatives on construction projects and confers with supervisor when problems are encountered to obtain recommendations and authority for revisions and changes in plans.

V. Maintains records of surveys.
A. Maintains and updates all survey filed data.
B. Keeps all survey index records.

VI. Performs all other job-related activities as necessary.
A. Requisition supplies and equipment as needed and insure that equipment is properly maintained and serviced.
B. Performs other duties and assumes responsibilities as apparent or assigned.



I. Develops public understanding of work and activities of the division.
A. Answers citizen questions and requests for materials and information.
B. Responds to citizen inquiries regarding survey work.
C. Maintains good relations with contractors working on City projects.


I. Must possess a valid Minnesota driver’s license.

II. Certifications for State of Minnesota State Aid projects may be required as departmental needs dictate.


I. Employee must be capable of operating miscellaneous tools and equipment relative to this position which shall include but may not be limited to standard surveying equipment, motor vehicles, communication equipment, computers, copiers, fax machines, measuring devices, and calculators.



I. Hours vary dependent upon construction schedule.  This is a non-exempt position and accrues overtime.

II. Both an office environment and outdoor construction job site activities and survey work, which includes wide variation in temperature from winter work in sub-zero Fahrenheit to summer temperatures occasionally in excess of 100° F. There is exposure to the natural elements - dust, insects, weather, and conditions that could be hazardous or dangerous relative to construction sites.

In compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act, the following represents the Physical and Environmental Demands:   This position requires an equal amount of time spent standing, walking, and sitting.  Lifting, pushing/pulling, or carrying objects weighing up to twenty-five (25) pounds is sometimes required with a maximum of seventy-five (75) pounds infrequently required.  Climbing, stooping, kneeling, crouching, crawling, twisting, and bending are sometimes required.  Repetitive movements of the hands are sometimes required.  Audio, visual, and verbal functions are essential functions to performing this position.  The majority of the workday is spent indoors.