Owatonna Fire Department

Mission Statement
To save lives and property in a safe and efficient manner.

To be trusted and respected by all members of our community in saving lives and property.


  • Commitment to excellence
  • Trust and integrity
  • Leadership through knowledge-based solutions
  • Collaborative solutions
  • Organizational accountability
  • Respect for each other, our equipment, and the people we serve
  • Community of interests
  • Compassion
  • Team Work
  • Diversity
  • Pride

Before an emergency:  We will be proactive in the community with prevention, inspection, and education programs that effectively save lives and property by elimination of unsafe conditions.

During an emergency:  We will respond to all emergencies in a professional, safe and efficient manner.
We will use pre-planning, preparation and training to enhance our response to every incident.

After an emergency:  We will be a valued resource for victims of all emergencies that may need assistance,
direction, or information to recover from their emergency.