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Owatonna Parks and Recreation Department

540 West Hills Circle

Owatonna, Minnesota


Park and Recreation Office Hours

Monday- Friday 7:00AM-5:00PM

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed


Park and Recreation Contacts


Senior Director - Parks, Recreation and Government Buildings

Jim (Corky) Ebeling: 507-774-7361

Maintenance Manager - Parks

Rick Smith: 507-774-7086


Recreation Manager

Timothy Truelson: 507-774-7362


Recreation Manager

Eric Anderson: 507-774-7102


Recreation Supervisor

Wendy Reller: 507- 774-7360


Maintenance Manager - Brooktree

Rick Smith: 507-774-7086


Recreation Supervisor

Mary Jo Knudson: 507-774-7364


Administrative Assistant

Nikki Callahan: 507-774-7366


Administrative Assistant

Courtney Rosenau: 507-774-7367




Administrative Assistant

Jessica Abrahams: 507-774-7365





Park and Recreation Phone Numbers

Office/Info Line: 507-444-4321

Fax: 507-444-4299

Web Site:

Email Address:

Tennis & Fitness Center: 507-444-4290

SeniorPlace: 507-444-4280

Brooktree Clubhouse: 507-444-2467

River Springs Water Park: 507-774-7370

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