General Questions:

1. Where are you located?

           Parks and Recreation Office: 540 West Hills Circle

           River Springs Water Park:  3065 St. Paul Road

           West Hills Tennis and Fitness Center: 501 Dunnell Drive

           SeniorPlace:  500 Dunnell Drive

           Bike/Skate Park: 350 School Street

           Brooktree Golf Course:  1369 Cherry Street


2.  What are your hours?

           Parks and Recreation Office hours: http://ci.owatonna.mn.us/parksrecreation/about-us/hours

           River Springs Water Park: http://ci.owatonna.mn.us/parksrecreation/water-park/hours

           West Hills Tennis and Fitness Center: Click Here to View the West Hills Tennis & Fitness Brochure

           SeniorPlace: http://ci.owatonna.mn.us/parksrecreation/senior-place/hours

           Bike/Skate Park:  6 am -11 pm with no supervision

           Brooktree Golf Course: http://ci.owatonna.mn.us/parksrecreation/brooktree-golf/clubhouse/rates


3.  What are your policies on weather, refunds, and cancellations?    


When a wind chill advisory exists, all youth activities and all outdoor activities may be canceled, and facilities associated with an outdoor activity may be closed.  When a wind chill warning exists, all activities shall be canceled, and all facilities shall be closed. Cancellations or closures may occur in other situations, based upon a combination of weather conditions.  When wind chill exceeds minus 60 degrees Fahrenheit, a “wind chill warning” is given.  When wind chill between minus 40 and minus 60 exists, a “wind chill advisory” is issued.


When an official “heat advisory” is reached (not issued)  all programmed youth activities may be canceled.  When an official “heat warning” exists, all programmed adult and youth activities may be canceled.  Cancellations or closures may occur in other situations, based upon a combination of weather conditions.  For information purposes, the National Weather Service office will issue a heat advisory when the heat index (combination of temperature and relative humidity) is 105 degrees or more.  A heat warning is issued for extreme conditions when the heat index is 115 or more.






Once purchased, registrations for various activities, class fees, league fees, and other privileges become the property of the purchaser and are not transferable under threat of revocation. 

The Park and Recreation Department must process any authorized refund through the Board and City Council, which involves a minimum of three weeks.

 Authorized refunds are as follows:

  • A request for refund is submitted prior to use of the privilege and no longer than 30 days after purchase.
  • If a class or activity for which the purchase was made is cancelled
  • In case of annual memberships, if refund is requested within 90 days after first effective date, and only when illness, death, injury or moving out of Owatonna is concerned.  In this case 50% of purchase price is reimbursable.

In case of seasonal memberships, such as golf, no refund will be allowed after July 1, 2010.

In the case of a class registration fee, no refund will be forthcoming to any class member following the initial class first day of a one/two week class or  the first two weeks of program except for reasons of injury, illness or death, in which case maximum refund will not exceed 50% of the registration fee.  Players fees for softball/volleyball etc, will not be refundable after season half-way point and only be refundable for the above reason.

 In the case of a cancellation of an activity prior to its scheduled conclusion due to natural causes or facility conflicts, refunds shall be issued on a pro-rated basis, excluding the Brooktree Golf Course for whom no refund will be issued.

 No other refunds for activities will be allowed.

The Department has the discretion to alter the policy due to the nature of the request

 Strikethrough  indicates  deletions

Underline  indicates additions



4. How do I find out if something is cancelled?

           Call our information line at 444-4321

           Listen to Local Radio Stations

           Check our website at www.ci.owatonna.mn.us


5.  How do I apply for a job within the City?

           Application Pg 1- Personal Info

           Application Pg 2 - Employment History

           Application Pg 3 - Work Exp&Skills

           Application Pg 4 - Signature & Legal Info



Parks Questions:

1.  How do I reserve a picnic shelter?

           You can check out all of our park pavilions on our website at www.ci.owatonna.mn.us to decide which one

          you would like to reserve.  You can call our office at 444-4321 up to one year in advance to reserve any

         shelter at any park.  Pavilion rentals are available for a half day or whole day.  For the half day, times are

         6 am-2 pm or 3 pm-11 pm.  The whole day would be 6 am-11pm.  The half day pavilion rates vary from

         $50-$60 and the all day rates vary from $75-$90.  The Warsinski Chalet half day rate is $100 or the all

         day rate is $150.  Pavilions are on a first come first serve basis.  You may use our park pavilions at any time free

         of charge as long as no one has it reserved. 


2. What are the Park Hours?

           All parks are open from 6 am-11 pm


3.  Where is a certain Park Located:

           Brown Park: 400 SW 16th St.

           Morehouse Park Shelter/Chalet:  350 School St.

           Dartt’s Park:  429 Mineral Springs Rd

           Jaycee Park:  630 Rice Lake Street

           Mineral Springs Park:  1025 Mineral Springs Pkwy

           Manthey Park:  225 NE 24th Ave. 

           Fairgrounds Park:  1600 Austin Rd.

           Gainey Park:  431 Selby Ave.

           Kaplan’s Woods Pavilion:  1205 SW 18th St.

           Owatonna Soccer Complex – Smith Ave.

           Central Park –


4. Does the Park and Recreation Department have equipment for rent for group gatherings or individuals?

           Yes, we have picnic packs available at the Parks and Recreation Office to be used when you rent the pavilion

           or just need some fun things to use for a gathering.  The kits include horseshoes, Frisbees, balls, bats,

           beanbags, gunny sacks, croquet sets and other misc items are available by request.  The non-refundable

           rental fee is $25.00.  There is also a refundable deposit of $50.00.   When you return the items, the $50 deposit

           will be refunded.  Call our office at 444-4321 to reserve your picnic kit today.


5. Are pets allowed in the parks and on the trails?

           Yes, pets are allowed in the parks and on the trails however all pets must be on a leash, in control by a person.

           The person in control of the pet must remove any feces left by a pet.


6. Are snowmobiles or horses allowed in the parks?

           No, snowmobiles and horses are not allowed in any city park.


7. Can you have fires in the parks?

           No fire shall be set in any park except a fire for picnic purposes at grill sites designated by the

           Parks and Recreation Department. Gainey Park and Mineral Springs have fire places that you

           may use as long as it is contained in the fireplace.   

8. Can I have alcohol in the parks?

           No person or persons shall display, consume, or possess any intoxicating liquor, non-intoxicating

          malt beverage or intoxicating malt beverage within parking areas, roadways, sidewalks abutting

          or the grounds in general of Central Park, Cashman Park, Owatonna Soccer Complex or Kaplan’s

         Woods Parkway in the City of Owatonna.  You may have alcohol in all other city parks which includes

         Mineral Springs Park, Dartt’s Park, Morehouse Park, Jaycee Park, Fairgrounds Park, Manthey Park,

         Brown Park, and Gainey Park.  You may not have glass containers in any of the parks.  If you have a

         large container of alcohol you will need a permit which you can obtain at the Parks and Recreation

         Office for a fee of $10 plus a $50 deposit.  Minnesota Statue 340 regulates against the sale of

         alcoholic beverages.


9. How many miles long are the trails?

           From Kaplan’s Woods to Mineral Springs Park it is a total of 5 miles.  The half-way point would be

          located at North Street.  Mile markers are located every ¼ mile on the trail.


10. Can I get a map of the trails?

            Yes, we have them available on our website www.ci.owatonna.mn.us  or you can pick up a paper copy at

            our office at 540 West Hills Circle.


11.  How do I report a park maintenance suggestion or complaint?

            Please call our office at 444-4321


12. Can you have a wedding in any of the parks?

           Yes, you can have a wedding in any of the parks in any area of the park.  You can call the

           Parks and Recreation office at 507-444-4321 to check for any ball games or activities taking

           place on that day.  You may also reserve a pavilion in case of rain or for a reception area etc.

           Please refer to question/answer #1 for information on how to reserve a pavilion.


13.  Can I have a DJ at the park? 

           You may have a DJ at your party/gathering as long as the noise is kept under control.


14. What do I need to do to sell merchandise etc. in Central Park?

           You need to call the Little Professor Book Store at 507-455-0969 to obtain a permit.


15. Does the city spray parks for mosquitos?

           Yes, we spray with a product called pyrethrin.  It is the safest product out there currently.

           It breaks down in direct sunlight in 6-8 hours. 


16. Are the Athletic Fields available to rent or reserve?

             You may call the Parks and Recreation office at 507-444-4321 to check on the

             availability of a ball field or soccer field.  Our youth and adult games and practices

             take first priority.


Recreation Questions:

1.  How do I register for a Parks and Recreation Program?

           You may register in-person, on-line, or mail in the registration form.  We do not take phone registrations for

           activities unless it is swimming lessons.  If it is swimming lessons, we will only take phone registrations 1

          week after the registration period opens and you must pay with a credit card (Visa or Mastercard). To register

          on-line you can follow our website at www.ci.owatonna.mn.us and click on the On-Line Registration Tab.

          Not all activities are available on-line.   


2. What is your phone number and where are you located?

           The Parks and Recreation Office phone number is 507-444-4321 and we are located at 540 West Hills Circle

          Owatonna, MN 55060.   


3. Where can I find information about current recreation programs being offered?

            Click here to see all programs offered

4. Are there volunteer opportunities within Parks and Recreation?

            Yes, we are always looking for volunteers, especially for coaching.  All of our Youth Sports Programs are run

           by volunteer coaches.  If you know of anyone interested in helping with coaching please let our office know

           by calling 507-444-4321.  We also have groups volunteer to clean up parks/grounds for a school or group or

          project.  Please contact our office at 507-444-4321 if you would like to “adopt a park” for a project. 


 5. How do you determine the teams for youth programs?

           We try to split the teams as evenly as possibly by looking at grade, gender and coaching availability.

           We also try to put at least 2 children from each school on a team. 


 6. How do I know what swim level I should sign my child up for?

           To download the swim level comparison chart click here.

           All classes are American Red Cross


 7.  How do you determine the sponsors for each team?

            The Parks and Recreation Department sends out a letter and sponsorship form to local area businesses

            several times per year asking for sponsorships for our youth.  The local businesses choose which sport they

            would like to sponsor along with the color of shirt and lettering for the logo.  Also, if the sponsor has a child

            in the program we put that sponsor with its child if requested.  We assign the sponsors to a team based on

           their request.  Click to download T-Shirt Sponsor Form if interested in sponsoring a team. 


8. Do you take donations?

           Yes, we take donations of equipment for sports such as football equipment, soccer shin guards, ball gloves etc.

          We also take cash donations for our Youth Scholarship Assistance Fund to help those children who can

          otherwise not participate in our programs.  The Scholarship Fund has a 501©3 status so all donations are tax



9. Do you offer financial assistance for youth and adult activities?

           Yes, we have a Youth Scholarship Program for all Youth activities.  Please click here to download Click here  to qualify for a scholarship you must be a recipient of current free or reduced

           lunch, recipient of SSI (supplemental security income) or Social Security Benefits, recipient of medical

           assistance.  You must show proof of qualification of one of the above criteria.  If you qualify, the

          participant pays 40% of the program cost.  These scholarships are available to youth and adult special

          recreation programs only.


10.  Do you have programs for the physically or mentally challenged?

           Yes, we have a Therapeutic Recreation Program for youth and adults with disabilities.  Please contact

          our Therapeutic Recreation Coordinator, Wendy Reller 507-774-7360, for information on all programs.


11.  Does Owatonna Parks and Recreation offer Senior Programs?

           Yes, please click here to see all programs offered at the Seniorplace.