2014 Adult Slow Pitch Softball Information

The Owatonna Slow Pitch Softball Association in cooperation with the Owatonna Park & Recreation Department offers organized leagues in Men’s, Women’s and Co-rec. Games are played early May through August at the Fairgrounds softball complex.

•Team registration deadline is Wednesday, March 12.

•Softball Association Annual/Mandatory Manager’s Meeting is April 23 at 7pm – Location TBD (Schedules will be available at that time)

Men’s Leagues

There are six Men’s Leagues for 40-50 teams. The American League has 24 games which include double headers on most nights; other men’s leagues have 20 games with many of those leagues also playing double headers.   Tentative nights of play: American & Stripes Leagues – Wednesday, Steele County & Stars Leagues - Mondays and some Thursdays, Four Diamond League & Straight River League - Thursdays and some Tuesdays.

Women’s League

There is one Women’s League.  Teams play Thursday nights.  Women’s teams play 12 games and may play some games at Manthey Park.  Recreational women’s teams may play with the co-rec league’s bottom league (as that league may have as many women on a team as they want).

Co-Rec Leagues

The unique rules governing Co-Rec Leagues help the sport remain recreational. Recently there have been four divisions with 30 teams participating.  Co-Rec plays 12 games on Tuesdays.  The bottom recreational league allows a team to play games with as many women as they wish. 

Team & Player Fees

Team Registration Deadline is Wednesday, March 12, fees are payable to Owatonna Softball Association

End of Season Tourney fee is included in Men’s fee- If a team does not wish to participate, they may request a refund by July 1.

Player Fees may be paid April 23 at the managers meeting, at the diamond’s concession stand from 6-8pm April 30, May 1, 5 & 6 or at the Park & Rec office.  Fees (include tax) are payable to Owatonna Park & Rec.

Men’s American    $380 team fee        $45 player fee Steele County Residents, $55 outside player

Other Men’s          $325 team fee        $45 player fee Steele County Residents, $55 outside player

Women’s & Co-Rec   $190 team fee   $40 player fee Steele County Residents, $55 outside player 

Classes of Competition

State Classification is done by the Minnesota Sports Federation.  A team shall remain the same classification if five or more players are returning.  League directors classify new teams.  It is the manager’s responsibility to let league director know if there is a change in personnel that may affect classification.

Team Classification: Additionally, a team may not have more than three players from a higher class unless they petition to lower their team classification.  (Example:  A team wins the class “C” state championship and returns/recruits any combination of four or more players who were registered on a “C” team or higher during the preceding two seasons or following year since they returned/recruited four or more players that comprise their softball teams.) 

Players may not play more than one full letter class lower than their player classification (Example:  Mike’s Place has 1-3 players who previously played on a class C team.  The rest of the roster has played at D or lower.  The lowest class Mike’s Place could play in without petitioning is class D.) 

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