The Warsinski Chalet, most often called the Morehouse Chalet was built in 1964 and was named after Jack Warsinski, who was an avid skater and outdoorsman.


The 2010 flood sent 8 feet of water into the Warsinski Chalet which in turn forced part of the building to be brought up to date with new flooring, wood walls torn down, disinfected, and re-installed, new tables, and a better kitchen area.

The Chalet is used as an ice skate warming house from December 15-March 15 of each winter. For more information about skating hours, rinks, and events click here.

After March 15, the chalet becomes a facility that can be rented for birthday parties, special events, workshops, craft sales, and is used extensively throughout the summer months. For information in regard to rental of the chalet, please click here.