Special Events

Saturday Afternoon Shenanigans

BINGO & Potluck

Looking for a little fun on a Saturday afternoon?

SeniorPlace will be open to members on for a Pot Luck and BINGO. Please bring your favorite pre-made dish to pass and serving utensils. Kitchen use will not be available at SeniorPlace. Paper plates, cups, and silverware will be provided. Plug-ins will be available for crock pots. You must be a

SeniorPlace member for lunch and BINGO!

Dates: January 14, February 11 and March 11

Facility opens at 11AM Lunch begins at 11:30AM and BINGO begins at 12:45PM


Intergenerational Connections: March 16

Reflect on a time when you had a positive connection with a person from another generation, either older or younger. Who was it? Why was it memorable? Strengthening social connectedness is core to the Aging Mastery Program® (AMP). Forming intergenerational connections is a wonderful way for you to give back to your community and to the next generation. Intergenerational connections are relationships or experiences that bring together individuals of different generations. Mobilizing the experience, wisdom, and fresh perspectives of all ages can improve lives and strengthen communities. In fact, older adults who participate in intergenerational programs report; enhanced life satisfaction, decreased isolation and reduced depression, and increased brain activity. FREE CLASS. Register by March 10

Date: March 16 Time: 10:00am at SeniorPlace