OPU - Saving Money on Home Energy: February 17

This free seminar is held for no other purpose than to educate our members on ways to better manage their home’s energy usage. Join us and learn how to save your household significant energy dollars simply by better understanding where the energy hogs are located in your home and how you can better manage them. Time: 10:30-11:30am at the SeniorPlace.

Laughter for the Health of It: February 24

By Edna Thayer (Humor “Thayer”-apy)

Edna L. Thayer, aka The Laughing Lady, began her interest in the serious side of humor in early 1990 when she developed a staff development class entitled, “Stress Relief through Humor.” The popularity of the topic grew by word of mouth and soon Edna was branching out and being asked to present at other groups to which the attendees belonged. Thus began Humor THAYER-apy, a term Edna uses to describe her business. In 23 years, she has given over 800 talks in 13 different states and Canada. Edna will be presenting at the SeniorPlace on Tuesday, February 24 at 12:00PM


Note: Edna will have her books for sale after the presentation.

As part of her talks, Edna leads a laughing exercise with the audience, giving her the nickname of “The Laughing Lady.”