1. Q: Can I ride down the tube/body slide backwards?

    A: No. for safety reason, guests may only ride the slides feet first

2. Q:  Can two people ride down the body slide together?

     A:  No--Patrons must go down the slide one person at a time

3.  Q:  Can I have a birthday party at River Springs?

      A:  Yes. We provide a birthday package ranging in price bases on the amount of people in your party.

            Click here for Group Reservations information

4.  Q:  How often/how long are the pool breaks?

      A:   We have safety breaks every hour on the hour for ten minutes

5.  Q:  How much money do I save on prepaid passes?

      A:  Based on the normal 48 " & taller $6.50, savings are as follows: $60 (10 passes)--Save $5.00;

            $110 (20 passes)--Save $20.00; $150 (30 passes)--Save $45.00

6.  Q:  Do  have to pay if I'm not going swimming?

      A:  Yes.  If you enter the water park you must pay the admissions fees.

7. Q:  Can my child use a lifejacket?

     A:  Lifejackets are permitted in the zero-depth area, lazy river and shallow end of the activity pool only.  Parents/Guardians must be with in arms reach of the child.

8.  Q:  Are floating devices or inflatable toys allowed in the pool?

      A:  No

9.  Q:  Can I bring food into the water park?

      A:  No outside food or beverage is allowed into the water park

10.  Q:  Where is the first aid room located?

        A:  By admissions directly across from the bathrooms, it is labeled First Aid.

11.  Q:  Where can I find information about swimming lessons?

       A:  Click here for swimming lessons information

12.  Q:  Can there be more than two people in a double tube?

       A:  No, for safety reasons there can only be two people in a double tube.

13.  Q:  Will you fall out of the tube at the bottom of the slide?

        A:  Yes, be prepared to get wet.