Weather/Closing Policy


  1. The River Springs Water Park will NOT OPEN for open swim or any offered program (except morning lap swim) if the “feels like” temperature is colder than 70 degrees.
  2. River Springs Water Park Lap Swim/Water Walking Program will take place when the feels like temperature is 60 degrees or warmer (pending inclement weather). The decision for cancelling the Lap Swim/Water Walking will be made at 5:30am.
  3. The River Springs Water Park will close for at least ½ hour if lightning is visible and/or thunder is heard in the area.
  4. Closing decisions will be made at least 45 minutes prior to the scheduled facility opening or program time (when possible).
  5. Weather related closings may be re-evaluated for re-opening later in the day pending weather conditions.
  6. Decisions made on weather related closings will be posted and announced in the following areas:


Closing/Cancellation Information

  • Parks and Recreation Cancellation Hotline:  507-444-4321, ext. 2
  • Parks and Recreation Cancellation Webpage:
  • Signs will be posted on the admissions and main entrance windows if we are open or closed
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