Plant Superintendent

DATE: 7/27/00

JOB TITLE: Plant Superintendent
DEPARTMENT: Public Works
DIVISION: Wastewater Treatment and Sewer Collection

IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR: City Engineer/Director of Public Works

DIRECTION OF OTHERS: All Personnel of the Wastewater Treatment Plant.

EDUCATION, TRAINING & EXPERIENCE REQUIRED: High School graduate, with 8 years experience in operation and maintenance of wastewater treatment facilities, including two years supervisory experience. Required to be Certified as a Class “A” Wastewater Treatment Facility Operator as determined by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.

NATURE OF WORK: Supervises and directs operation of Wastewater Treatment Plant, lift stations, laboratory tests in waste water treatment operations and sewer collection. Schedules, assigns, supervises and evaluates work of operators.


I. Supervises staff to provide primary and incidental services related to waste water treatment.

A. Participates in hiring of personnel.
B. Trains and supervises division personnel.
C. Evaluates work of subordinates.
D. Assigns specific work tasks in the Plant.

II. Organizes, supervises and participates in the work performed by subordinates to maintain efficient control over waste water treatment process.

A. Performs operation of control equipment.
B. Supervises and schedules maintenance.
C. Supervises and schedules mechanical repairs.
D. Supervises laboratory sampling and testing.
E. Determines action to be taken and schedules repairs in the event of failure of equipment, machines or power.

III. Directs the operation of chemical feeding and treatment operation to assure proper results.

A. Develops and maintains detailed Plant operating and testing records.
B. Prepares summary of operating and laboratory reports.
C. Prepares all necessary reports to the Environmental Protection Agency and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.
D. Maintains sludge disposal records.
E. Reviews and evaluates records, logs and data to determine the efficiency and effectiveness of overall plant operations.
F. Adjust plant operation to maximize efficiency.
G. Supervises calibration of all processes.
H. Maintains complete and accurate cost records.

IV. Develops, supervises and participates in construction and repair of storm sewer and waste water collection systems.

A. Collects data on needed sewer repair, sets priorities and assigns work crew.
B. Confers with engineers, City Staff and other interested parties in the development of long-range plans for waste water collection and storm sewer systems.
C. Supervises and reviews work of subordinates in conduct of varied maintenance and construction activities.
D. Participates in work projects as necessary.
E. Reviews and evaluates records, logs and data to determine the efficiency and effectiveness of overall operations.
F. Maintains complete and accurate cost records.
G. Writes reports and keep records and logs of emergency work of the sewer crew.

V. Participates in purchasing of capital equipment materials and supplies to assure conformity to specifications.

A. Follows prescribed methods for equipment purchase.
B. Provides list of equipment and materials needed and prepares

specifications as needed.
C. Maintains an adequate stock of materials and supplies.
D. Controls expenditures for parts, equipment and supplies.
E. Takes part in budget preparation by compiling projected cost figures for personnel, equipment materials and supplies.

VI. Ensures that Wastewater Plant operations conform to all applicable standards and secures all necessary permits.

A. Informs supervisor of plant operations on a regular basis.
B. Insures compliance with all regulation agencies.
C. Enforces City sewer codes and Ordinances relating to waste water disposal as directed.
D. Advises industries of special pre-treatment requirements.
E. Writes Industrial Waste Discharge Permits.

VII. Performs all other job related activities as directed.


I. Develops public understanding of work and activities of the Division.

A. Answers citizen questions and requests for materials and information regarding waste water treatment and discharge permits.
B. Follows up on citizen complaints in areas pertaining to the division.
C. Maintains good relations with industries, businesses, other public agencies and the general public in the course of operating the Plant and he discharge of effluent and sludge.
D. Participates in public education programs regarding waste water treatment.


I. Must posses a valid Minnesota driver’s license.

II. Must be certified as a Class “A” Wastewater Treatment Facility Operator as determined by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.

III. All required licenses and certifications must be maintained active and valid by the employee.


A. Employee must be capable of operating miscellaneous tools and equipment relative to this position which shall include but may not be limited to: Motor vehicles, communication equipment, computers, copy machines, fax machines, measuring devices, and calculators.


I. Hours may vary, but generally 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. This is an exempt position.

II. As approved by the City Administrator and availability of funds, continuing education and training will be provided to ensure a competent level of ability to perform of this position and to allow maintenance of required licenses and certifications.

In compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act the following represents the Physical and Environmental Demands: This position requires an equal amount of time spent standing, walking, and sitting. Lifting, pushing/pulling, or carrying objects weighing up to twenty-five (25) pounds is sometimes required, with a maximum of seventy-five (75) pounds infrequently required. Climbing, stooping, kneeling, crouching, crawling, twisting, and bending are sometimes required. Repetitive movements of the hands are sometimes required. Audio, visual, and verbal functions are essential functions to performing this position. The majority of the workday is spent indoors.