Animal Control

Animal Control primarily responds to concerns about domestic animals within the City of Owatonna.  Community Service Officers also update the Animal Control Facebook page.  It can be found at


Owatonna Police Department Dispatch: 507-451-8232

What information do I need to have for animal control to respond to take a call?

Animal Control needs the following information:

  • Reporting party information
  • Location of the complaint
  • Description of the complaint
  • Description of the animal
  • Possible animal owner information

This information is not required, but is preferred. 

What are the fees if Animal Control picks up my pet?


PICK – UP City Code:  550:0 Section 550 – Miscellaneous Licenses and Permit Charges

1025:55 Impounding & Dis- Subd. 2 charging of Animals Impounding fee $ 25.00 and $50.00 for second

1005:10 Occurrence within 12 months-$100.00 for any occurrences over two within 12 months

        1ST  OFFENSE                        $   25.00

        2ND  OFFENSE                       $   50.00

        3RD  OFFENSE                       $ 100.00

BOARDING FEES                        $   7.00 / DAY

Care and feeding of animal while impounded, per day $7.00 plus any incurred veterinary or laboratory expenses

My neighbor's dog barks continuously when they are not home.  What should I do?

Animal Control will respond to reports of barking dogs.  Residents should be aware that the city ordinance for barking dog is enforceable at any time day or night.  When Animal Control responds, he will park in the area of the complaint and monitor for barking.  If the dog barks continuously the Animal Control Officer will try to make contact with the owner.  If no one is home, a call tag will be left at the residence asking them to contact animal control.   The Animal Control Officer works with the owner to ensure the barking dog does not become a neighborhood problem.  If the contact with Animal Control does not resolve the issue, the owner will be cited.

There is a dog running loose in my neighborhood.  What can be done about this?

The City of Owatonna has an ordinance that requires all dogs to be leashed when not on their owner's property.  If you have a dog running loose, please contact Animal Control at 507-451-8232.  If the animal is picked up it will be transported to the pound.

You picked up my dog.  What do I need to do to get it back?

You will need to contact Animal Control to see if your dog is in custody.  Animal Control will explain the procedure and any fees you will be required to pay.

My child was bit by my neighbor's dog.  What should I do?

You should first seek medical attention if needed.  Then contact the Owatonna Police Department by calling 507-451-8232.  Dispatch will then send an officer or CSO to take the report.  We will then require the animal to be quarantined for ten days.  At the end of the ten days, Animal Control will check the dog to ensure it is healthy and then follow-up with the victim.

Any dog that has bit someone more than once may be declared potentially dangerous.  Depending on the severity of the bite, the dog may be declared potentially dangerous or dangerous after one incident.  This is another reason we require people to report dog bites.  A Dangerous Dog flow chart can be viewed by clicking here: Dangerous Dog Flow Chart

We have a stray cat in the neighborhood.  Does Animal Control pick up cats?

Yes, Animal Control will pick up cats.  By city ordinance cats, like dogs, must be leashed if not on the owner's private property.

I have a raccoon that keeps getting in my garbage or bird feeder.  Can animal control help me?

We're sorry, but Animal Control does not respond to wild animal calls.  We do not remove wildlife simply because it is on your property.  However, if the animal is causing property damage you may set your own live traps.  If you trap an animal do not take it to some other part of town and release it.  This could potentially spread disease. 

There is an injured bird in my yard.  Will you pick it up?

We're sorry, but we are unable to assist with injured birds unless they are birds of prey (owls, hawks, eagles, etc.).  Please contact the University of Minnesota Raptor Center at 612-624-4745 if you find an injured bird of prey.

Animal Control does not pick up birds for West Nile virus testing.