Parking Control FAQ

Q.  Can my vehicle be towed for unpaid parking tickets?

A.  Yes.  If you have five (5) or more unpaid parking tickets your vehicle may be towed.


Q.  My car was sold and I have received a notice regarding an unpaid parking ticket?

A.  If you were the registered owner of the vehicle at the time you received the parking ticket you are responsible for paying the ticket.  If you no longer own the vehicle, please provide enough information for us to contact the new owner, "normally a copy of the transfer of sale document".  If you did not own the vehicle when the parking ticket was issued, then it is your responsibility to contact the Department of Motor Vehicles to notify them you sold the vehicle.  You will continue to receive notices of additional tickets as long as the state shows the title in your name.


Q.  I received a parking ticket for parking downtown 2:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. does this count towards the graduated fine system?

A.  No.  The graduated fine system only involves tickets that are issued for 2 or 4 hour parking violations.


Q.  I received a notice regarding a parking ticket that I was not aware of because I do not drive the vehicle my son (daughter, girlfriend, boyfriend, etc.) does, do I need to pay it?

A.  Yes.  As the registered owner the ticket is your responsibility.  Parking tickets can not be cancelled due to the registered owner not being made aware of the parking ticket.