Gang Task Force

The department's gang investigation unit began in 2008. The gang unit works with other agencies in the area and attends monthly meetings focusing on gang activity. The unit developed and implemented the gang field interview cards for the Owatonna patrol officers. The officers are given the field cards to carry with them while on patrol. The field cards have ten gang qualifiers along with physical descriptions of possible gang members. Officers fill out the gang cards and the gang officers place the information into the department's database. The gang officers use the department's database and a national database to track and store current information on gang member which assists in investigations. With the implementation of cameras and the Quick 50 Program (2007) the City of Owatonna has seen a reduction in vandalism and graffiti. Gang officers attempt to get graffiti cleaned up within twenty-fours after it has been reported. Officers, along with community volunteers will paint over fresh graffiti with the property owner's permission.

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