Senior Place Building Monitor

City of Owatonna

Job Description


Date:               02/21/2013

Job Title:        Building Monitor

Department:   Parks & Recreation

Division:         Senior Place

Immediate Supervisors:  SeniorPlace Director


Nature of Work:  Be responsible for monitoring the building rentals at nights & weekends.  The position will be responsible for providing customer service at SeniorPlace with frequent contact by user groups, individuals and/or company employees.


Work Performed/Areas of Responsibility

Senior Center Responsibilities

  1. Open only the rooms that are scheduled along with the times they have rented according to the monthly Facility Setup Report.
  2. Make sure renters have put the room(s) back the way it was found and make sure they have cleaned the space.  Garbage needs to be taken out after each rental, preferably by the renter.  If this has not happened, Supervisor/Building Monitor will need to put room(s) back, clean and take garbage out.
  3. The only main door to be unlocked with Renters in building will be the South Entrance.  This is for security reasons. 
  4. Make sure all doors are closed tight, locked and lights off, blinds open in building before leaving.
  5. Notify SeniorPlace Director of any rental issues.
  6. Occasional, calling of members to get volunteers for upcoming events, counting of milk moola etc.
  7. Replenish coffee area with cup, napkins, sugar, creamer, cookies etc.
  8. Other duties as assigned