Senior Reference/Cataloging Librarian

DATE: July, 2000

DIRECTION OF OTHERS: Circulation Assistants, Library Assistants, Clerks, Student Assistants

EDUCATION, TRAINING AND EXPERIENCE REQUIRED: Master's Degree in Library Science. Three years of professional library experience. Demonstrated familiarity with and experience using an integrated library automation system. Internet and on-line database searching experience.

NATURE OF WORK: Provides professional reference service to the public. Assists the director in selecting and deselecting adult and reference materials. Catalogs and classifies all library print materials. Supervises and monitors internet activity. In charge of Outreach Services and the Law library. In charge of local operations of the automated circulation system. Supervises operations during assigned hours, which includes maintaining a safe and secure environment for staff and public.


  1. Customer Services
    1. Provide for patrons'informational, recreational and educational needs through reference, referral and reader's advisory services.
    2. Efficiently perform internet and on-line database searching.
    3. Request materials and information from other libraries and agencies as needed.
    4. Assist patrons in the use of computers for on-line and internet searching.
    5. Troubleshoot computers as needed
    6. Provide Outreach Service to those who can not come to the library.
    7. Monitor Law Library materials and activity.
  2. Supervises support staff:
    1. Direct interlibrary loan service.
    2. Direct support staff in adult department.
  3. Direct the operation of the automated circulation system:
    1. Train staff.
    2. Assist public in use of the technology.
    3. Serve as liaison with automation headquarters in Rochester.
  4. Collection development:
    1. Assist director with selection and deselection of adult and reference materials.
    2. Evaluate gift materials.
  5. Bibliographic Access and Cataloging:
    1. Create and maintain accurate records of all print materials through on-line cataloging.
    2. Classify all adult print materials.
  6. Increase awareness and use of the library and its resources.
    1. Actively promote the library's resources through public relations.
    2. Use marketing techniques to improve visibility of materials.
    3. Maintain a working knowledge of contemporary issues, trends, and technology in the library professions.
  7. Perform other tasks as assigned by the Director of Library Services.


  1. Works directly with the public by responding to walk-in, telephone or e-mail questions, therefore both oral and written communication skills are essential to the job.
  2. Since primary work station is located in the circulation area, there is continual contact with the public.

EQUIPMENT AND TOOL OPERATION: Employee must be capable of operating miscellaneous tools and equipment relative to this position which shall include, but may not be limited to: computers, copy machines, FAX machines, audiovisual equipment, public address system and calculators.


  1. The normal workday shall be eight (8) hours and the normal work week shall be forty (40) hours.
  2. Indoor working environment with frequent contact with general public.

In compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act the following represents the Physical and Environmental Demands: This position requires an equal amount of time spent standing, walking, and sitting. Lifting, pushing/pulling, or carrying of objects weighing up to twenty-five (25) pounds is sometimes required, with a maximum of forty (40) pounds infrequently required. Climbing, stooping, kneeling, crouching, crawling, twisting, and bending are sometimes required. Repetitive movements of the hands are sometimes required. Audio, visual, and verbal functions are essential functions to performing this position. The majority of the workday is spent indoors.