City of Owatonna Stormwater Management

"Clean H2Owatonna" is the City of Owatonna's Stormwater Management Program to keep our streams, river, and waterways  clean of pollution.

Stormwater is water from rain or melting snow that does not soak into the ground. Instead, it flows from rooftops, across paved areas, and through sloped lawns. As stormwater moves across these surfaces, it can pick up and carry along pollutants such as yard and pet waste, sediment, chemicals, oil, grease, and other possible contaminants. This water enters our community storm drains and flows directly, untreated, to Willow Creek, Maple Creek, Crane Creek, or the Straight River and eventually the Cannon River.


 Provide us feedback!

The City of Owatonna appreciates any feedback, comments, or question regarding the MS4 Program, SWPPP, and Stormwater Management Plan/Ordinance. A copy of the MS4 Permit, Program, and SWPPP document are available on the 2nd floor of the City Administration Building for viiewing during normal office hours and on the Stormwater Website. The documents will also be made available during the Steele County Fair at the CRWP/City Booth in the Izaak Walton League Building.

Complete the MS4 Program Citizen Survey

You may also submit a Comments Sheet to or write your comments through the Stormwater Hotline.


The City is seeking organizations and individuals to make a positive impact on the community and our natural resources through various stormwater programs.

Water Quality Participation Oppurtunities 






 Stormwater Utility Fee Updates


Cannon River One Watershed, One Plan activities continue to progress!  Public input regarding 1W1P will be gathered through Water Converstations:

  • March 6th – Water Conversation evening public input meeting in Northfield, Archer House
  • March 15th – Water Conversation evening public input meeting in Owatonna, Cabela’s

Stay tuned for additional information on individual sessions.

1W1P information is available here:


Join us for 2018 Watershed Wide Clean-up!

Gather your friends, family, and colleages for this years 10th Annual Watershed Wide Clean-up which will be held on Saturday, September 15th, 2017 from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM!

Join us at Morehouse Park! Straight River Clean-Up 

Thank you for your hard work, all who have volunteered in the past!





Or by contacting the CRWP Office at 507-786-3913



 Construction Stormwater Training 2018


The City of Owatonna invites you to attend a FREE information session regarding current regulatory information, site preparation, site best management practices, inspection procedures, and the permit termination process.

Stay tuned for additional information regarding class details.


Join us for CRWP's 2018 Downstream Environmental Film Series


The Cannon River Watershed Partnership (CRWP) will be hosting a film festival that features high-quality short films on environmental issues, amazing natural places, and inspiring landscapes. Submissions include documentaries, animation, narrative, and experimental with potential to inform, inspire, challenge, and awaken audiences to environmental challenges of our time.

 The goal of the event is to connect environmental issues and perspectives to the local community, promote discussion, and inspire people to take action for clean water in our watershed.




Event Details:

Wednesday February 21st, 2018 at 5PM

Immenent Brewing Company 519 Division Street South Northfield, MN

5:00 Socialize: Enjoy food and beverages

6:00 First Flim: Minnesota Showcase

7:00 Second Film: Water Around the World

8:00 Third Film: Plights and Predicaments

If you would like to support CRWP's Downstream event through donation or have event questions, please contact organizers at or 507-786-3913.



The City of Owatonna appreciates efforts made by Harper Tuchtenhagen (below) and her father Scott Tuchtenhagen for collecting 10 gallons of debris and adopting catch basins along 12 St. SE. Storm Drain Marking


A special thank you to Catholic Daughters of the Americas (below) for the adoption of the Autumn Hills Rain Gardens and to Steele County Child Care Association for the adoption of the Rose Street Rain Garden. Rain Garden Adoption 





For spill emergencies or if calling after normal business hours, please contact the Fire Department at 911. To report spills, dumping or draining of pollutants to the street, storm drain, drainageway, or waterway, call Bradley Rademacher Stormwater Manager at 507-774-7300.  

  Report a potential Illicit Discharge