Summer Camp Staff




DATE:           January 16, 2013

JOB TITLE: Seasonal Summer Camp Staff

DEPARTMENT:  Park and Recreation

DIVISION:  Recreation

IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR:  Assistant Recreation Director

DIRECTION OF OTHERS:  Camp Staff and Program Participants

NATURE OF WORK:  Helps plan activities for summer camp program and perform day to day activities of program and participants. Works directly with seasonal summer camp supervisor.  

MINIMUM EDUCATION, TRAINING, AND EXPERIENCE REQUIRED:  Must have capable skills of working with children.    Must be knowledgeable and able to portray the youth philosophies of the Park and Recreation Department. 


  1. Dress in proper uniform, so easily identified as program staff. 
  2. Assist in safety of participants.
  3. Answer questions of the general public when in the field, or direct public to the proper employees. 
  4. Assist in planning of activities and crafts.
  5. Report any damage to equipment or injuries to supervisor. 
  6. Report any personal injuries or accidents to your supervisor.
  7. Will work closely with individual program supervisor on equipment/supply needs.
  8. Will interact with participants and parents in a professional manner. 
  9. Perform other related duties as assigned.